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Profile Manager

Manage your profile page on the All Checked website.

Advertise your business to thousands of visitors every month.

Gain access to more customers.

Secure VIP status for life.

Win business from your competitors.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Why is my business listed on the All Checked website?

A. This site is designed for consumers to read and leave reviews about any UK company. We therefore list every company brought to our attention.


Q. Why is my competitor listed on my profile page?

A. This site will promote the companies with the most positive reviews on all unclaimed profile pages. When you manage your listing your competitor will be removed and when you generate positive customer reviews your name will appear on your competitors’ unclaimed profile pages.


Q. Can I remove my profile page?

A. Sorry, but no. We believe that market transparency is in the public interest and consumers have the right to read and leave feedback about any company.


Q. How can I make my profile page work for me?

A. That’s what Profile Manager is for. It allows you to update your profile page with all your contact details, including a powerful link to your website and any social media links so that thousands of potential customers can make direct contact with you.


Q. How will people find my profile page?

A. More and more people are searching online for independent reviews before making a buying decision. When you take control of your profile page it’ll only be a matter of time before it appears on page one of Google when customers search for reviews about you. It may already be there!

Feedback Generator

Invite your customers to post feedback at the touch of a button

Flood Google with positive customer reviews.

Share your positive feedback across social media instantly.

Add your own comments to any review.

Enjoy 100% protection against hoax, malicious and unfair feedback.

Your Questions Answered

Q. How do I generate customer feedback?

A. Simply enter your customer’s email address into the Feedback Generator and we’ll do the rest.


Q. Why do the reviews on this website carry more weight than my own testimonials?

A. Consumers know that the testimonials that appear on a company’s own website are very likely to be hand-picked, whereas the reviews on this website are completely independent.


Q. Who can leave a review?

A. Anyone can leave a review about any company at any time. That’s what makes it truly independent.


Q. What’s the best way to manage my reputation?

A. The trick is to invite as many of your customers as possible to post feedback and flood your profile page with positive reviews. The Feedback Generator will also allow you to add your own comments to any review, which again will enhance your reputation.


Q. How do you safeguard against abuse?

A. Every reviewer must confirm that they are a genuine customer and that their feedback is an honest reflection of their buying experience. We also log every IP address to guard against duplicate feedback and we investigate all reported reviews for free, to seek proof of any claims made. All hoax, malicious and unfair reviews are removed from our website.


Q. If I sign up will you remove my negative feedback?

A. Only if it’s hoax, malicious, or unfair. All reported feedback that is proven to be genuine will be re-published regardless of whether or not you subscribe to our services. However, subscribers to our services can benefit from Automatic Reporting, which means that all suspicious feedback will be removed before publication, rather than after, and then only published if proven to be genuine.


Upload photos to your profile page at the touch of a button.

Tag each photo with Google friendly keywords

Build a huge gallery for your customers to see.

Use this proven SEO tool to drive your profile page to the top of Google.

Promote your latest products

Your Questions Answered

Q. What is Showcase?

A. Showcase enables you to upload photos and descriptions of your recent work directly on to your profile page.


Q. Why is this important?

A. Showcasing your work will inspire confidence in your customers and propel your business to the top of Google.

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